Saturday, April 2, 2011

NPFMC Constrains Trawler PSC of King Salmon!

The NPFMC set a PSC hard cap of 22,500 king salmon for the Gulf of Alaska pollock fleet today as their preferred alternative for analysis in a stunning move toward enlightened and responsible resource management. There is plenty of credit to pass around, to all the groups and individuals who pushed for this new day in the management of the Gulf of Alaska.  Final action is scheduled in June, so do not take off the gloves yet.

But to be fair, this could not have happened without members of the NPFMC finally recognizing their responsibility to the king salmon resource.  Alaska's Governor Sean Parnell made a promise to reduce bycatch, and his choice of Fish and Game Commissioner, Cora Campbell made the successful motion.  The arguments were heated, emotional, and dramatic.  In the end the NPFMC voted to do the right thing.  This is a huge victory for the State of Alaska toward the end of colonialism in its fishery resources; a huge victory for all the little people who have been marginalised for too long.

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Michael said...

Excuse me Anonymous Whomever,

I really enjoyed reading the first paragraph of your most recent post. The second half of it, however, directly contridicts your previous statement. To give lawmakers in DC any credit is merely covering the bad ones who have allowed this grevious destruction of the resource to happen. Your support of such lawmakers and your effort to give credit to those that work alongside them is an insult to the working men in Kodiak and other locations who struggle to make a fair enough wage to support there families and loved ones.

Michael J O'callaghan

P.S I'm not related to the activist asshole.

Wiglaf said...

Juneau is not the District of Columbia. The Federal government is different than the State government. Did you cheat on the citizenship test? Go back to Connemara, will ya now, lad? As to yer insult, yer right boyo, I am no potato head.