Wednesday, March 30, 2011

GOA Trawlers Violate Two International Treaties and Endangered Species Act

The excessive trawler bycatch of at least 51,000 king salmon in the Gulf of Alaska, has triggered a "consultation" on the ESA.  Likely bycatch of remaining endangered kings from rivers all down the West Coast as far away as the Merced and Sacramento Rivers is the concern.  That is why there has been so much foot dragging over genetic analysis by the agencies.  It might expose some real problems.

Bycatch of treaty kings from Canada and the IPHC finally confessing that trawler bycatch is dangerous to the halibut resource (see story below), indicts Gulf of Alaska trawlers for violating two international treaties.  Will NOAA continue to back this group against the good health of our fisheries?  The US is famous for breaking treaties with its aboriginal peoples, how about with Canada? How about the Endangered Species Act?  The agencies made some provisions to control trawling after they (and others) practiced genocide on my species.

Keep yer flippers wet.

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