Friday, March 4, 2011

Rumor has it...

  1. Crew report catches of over 150,000 pounds of eulachon and squid in the Shelikof when the target is pollock.  This was observed.  No wonder they are getting kings!  Easy to forget that the destruction of these forage species means the destruction of the food sources for the more 'valuable' fish.  We'll see what we can dig out of the NMFS bycatch stats.  But it is shortsighted and stupid to ignore the wholesale destruction of forage fish.  They call it ECOLOGY. 
  2. Out at Dutch, draggers are seen to come into the dock to pump off.  After the catch is sorted ashore, the plant pumps a deckload of herring back onto the dragger for dumping at sea.
  3. Crewman Johnny Eastcoaster, looking for work, comments that he is seeing some dislike of draggers by the rest of the Kodiak fishing fleet.  Admits that dragging back home off Cape Cod has meant there is nothing left to catch.  Says you have to go offshore 200 miles to find a decent fish.  Just saying...
  4. "It can't happen here," Frank Zappa.
Keep 'em wet.

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Anonymous said...

I have heard the same conclusion from an oregon fisherman who likened the discarding of halibut in mass volumes to the destruction of west coast rockfish stocks as a result of bycatch. He concluded, upon dumping a 50 ton bag of halibut and arrowtooth, that in a few short years if this bycatch was not stopped there would be complete collapse of the drag fishery as well as collateral damage in all other sectors.