Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wiglaf Unmasked...er...Not!

Anchorage Daily News paper edition reported that Wiglaf of Tholepin is...some sport fisher... Not!

The Anchorage Daily News doesn't know a dingle bar from a tickler chain, so they credit some guy with the work found here. Don't get me wrong, ADN means well, but Wiglaf expresses the informed professional opinion of a relatively large group of concerned commercial fishing sealions, so no single individual can be named as the responsible author. You know what they say, all sealions look alike. We are still here and not identified. Eat yer heart out!

We remember the cod end drownings and the shootings and the woundings, and have recently received plenty of threats, so it is important that we remain anonymous.

But thanks, anyway.

Keep yer flipper's wet!


Anonymous said...

now you made the pacific fishing magazine e- news letter, you're gonna be famous

Wiglaf said...

Nice that the information that they proffer is WRONG. Chinooks are not salvaged in the GOA. But then Pacific Fishing doesn't understand the GOA and the BSAI are two different places.