Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fox in the Chicken Coop

Have you ever wondered why so many of these NMFS papers reflect spun data and favor the draggers? The credits of authorship of the Chinook PSC paper tells part of the story. The Fox is advising the Chickens.

On the last page of the paper it reads:

"13 Preparers
November 2010 update:
Diana Evans, NPFMC
Mike Fey, AKFIN

"Other contributors:
Sally Bibb, NMFS, Alaska Region
*Julie Bonney, Groundupfish Databunk (dragger mouthpiece extraordinaire)
Melanie Brown, NMFS, Alaska Region
Mary Furuness, NMFS, Alaska Region
Mary Grady, NMFS Alaska Region
Jeannie Heltzel, NPFMC
Josh Keaton, NMFS, Alaska Region
Martin Loefflad, NMFS, AFSC
John Olson, NMFS Alaska Region
Diana Stram, NPFMC"

FOR PETE'S SAKE! There is no independent data from that quarter! NMFS has so little credibility, why would they squander it with DATABUNK?

Keep yer flippers wet.


Anonymous said...

what disgusts me is these folks collect a paycheck KNOWING the consequences. Keep up the good work, I anticipate 2 years minimum and you'll be writing "victory.....success"...and other such words.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on fighting chinook bycatch. Just read the halibut PSC discussion paper and surprise someone got Northern Economics to write (page 127) the value of halibut as bycatch exceeds the value of halibut in the directed fishery. I'm guessing these guys will also write similar document to show chinooks are worth more as bycatch as well. Any betting folks out there????

Anonymous said...
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