Thursday, November 4, 2010

Get Ready for Rollbacks

NMFS rolls back the Chinook bycatch...which is like a guy taking back the confession that he's been with his best friend's wife...not very believable.

From 59,000 down to 51,916. There you are.

When you publish a 'fact' you can't take it back. There must be some pressure to make the number crunchers recount their beans. The Alaska Ground-Up-Fish Data Bank has been busy, eh?

Are we surprised? No. This is the way the shell game works. Now you see it, now you don't.

Keep yer flippers wet.


Anonymous said...

A mistake was made in extrapolating data. Now it has been corrected to be a better estimate. It is not a fact, but is considered to be the best estimate.

Wiglaf said...

In the realm of statistics, juggle room is built into the modeling. So like spectators at the Cirque de Soleil, we remain wowwed by the performance and illusion of the data NMFS uses. But when a loose ball escapes the juggler or the dancer shows more than she intends, we are reminded that this is all just a show of grand mismanagement. In its current incarnation the observer program does not produce believeable data. We know because we have seen the damage in person.

Anonymous said...

you made the anchorage paper today

Wiglaf said...

Well, not really. The Anchorage Daily News doesn't know a ham sandwich from a pomegranate so they credit some guy with the work found here. ADN means well, but Wiglaf expresses the opinion of a relatively large group of concerned sealions, so no single individual can be named as the author. We are here and not identified. Eat yer heart out!