Thursday, May 9, 2013

Intolerable Willful Destruction

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This is the end of Chinook as we have known them, all for targeted species that have a very low value.

Do not assume that the new proposed measures by the NPFMC will contain 100% observer coverage.  If 100% observer coverage were tolerable, they would have it now.  The dirty secret is that trawling is too dirty a kind of fishing to be sustainable for long.  If the truth were widely known as to the outright wanton waste of our national resources, we would close them down.  The Gulf of Alaska is not long for its productivity as long as we put up with this destruction.

Keep yer flippers wet.


Anonymous said...

So these are the Highest numbers you can find? Doesn't surprise seeing as how the shore based catcher vessels (which aren't include in your graph really) are observed 30% and they can easily avoid showing what they are really doing out there. Bring out the 30% observed numbers and you can see where the games are played.

Anonymous said...

Targeted species, albeit low monetary value, fill a universal need for sustenance without having to resort to farm raised.. You seem to be fairly biased and somewhat inflammatory with the propaganda you spew. Try understanding both sides.

Wiglaf said...

Targeted Species: Being fair and balanced doesn't mean tolerating the destructive fact of trawling. "Fill(ing) a universal need for sustenance?" These fish don't provide food for the starving poor, what a joke. It's about profits, plain and simple. Wipe out the productive sea to fill your wallet. Someone has to speak up. It is what so many of us think. Clean up or get out of the business.