Friday, May 17, 2013

20 Worst GOA Dragger Bycatch for Halibut and Chinook, YTD

Here they are again, from the latest NMFS data:  In general few numbers of observations are the shore based fleet and the large numbers of observations are three GOA catcher processors, requiring 100% observer on board, but roughly only 50% coverage, since they are limited to a 12 hour day.

In this data, NMFS helps hide the true halibut damage by putting it in terms of percentage of targeted catch.  Since these vessels may hold +300,000 pounds, the percentages of halibut bycatch mean very large numbers of dead halibut.  Insist on actual halibut numbers.

The true damage to Chinook stocks are hidden by the low observation rates for the catcher vessels.  The Pacific Star, for instance might have had a bad day, or, that could be more common than the bean counters at NMFS will admit.  NMFS is decidedly pro-trawler.  Notice that it appears bottom dragging is the greatest Chinook killer this year, and mainly for very low value 'trash' fish.

Keep yer flippers wet.


Anonymous said...

What would be interesting to see is the volume of flat fish and arrowtooth caught by shore based vessels under 125ft and the percentage of that caught with an observer on board.

Anonymous said...

Pacific Star owned by the CDQ Norton Sound Economic Development Corporation's shadowy feeder companie Siu.

It was also the boat responsible for a Blue Whale strike off the coast of California during an MLPAI survey.

Ron Levalley, the "fixer" who quite literally arranged to have the dead whale buried is now under federal indictment for embezzling federal grant money from the Yurok tribe intended for spotted owl surveys.

Can't make this stuff up if ya tried.

Wiglaf said...

2:51: No, no, no. Owned by Kent Helligso of Kodiak. Got to be careful and keep it straight.