Sunday, May 13, 2012

Write Parnell!

Alaska's Governor Sean Parnell has just taken a whipping on oil taxes.  Here is a perfect opportunity for him to win one on a state's rights issue.  Call or write his office and request he use his influence to roll back the allowable halibut PSC bycatch.  The drag fleet will argue it is good for processors and processor workers and good for Kodiak's and the the state's economy to allow continued business as usual.  The truth is that dragger waste mostly benefits interests outside of the state, such as foreign owned processors or outside owned processors and much of the drag fleet are actually from outside, etc.  While this is federally regulated issue, the Governor has great influence, should he choose to use it, in influencing the NPFMC, who are going to vote on this PSC limit.

Governor Sean Parnell could win one for all Alaskans (and himself) by supporting a rollback on the halibut PSC.  Call or write and tell him so.

Keep your flippers wet.

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Anonymous said...

what has he done so far to prevent further destruction of the southern Bering Sea? He still has plans as others also, like the NPFMC, NOAA to move to the Northern Bering Sea and continue to devastate the ecosystem which are vital habitats for all marine life. People of the Arctic, Yukon, Kuskokwim and the Gulf of Alaska will be the most affected, economically, socially, spiritually, and for healthy minds and bodies for our children and the children of the future.