Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Reduce the Waste of Our Alaska Halibut," Paul Seaton

"Senator Ted Stevens and I had a conversation over 15 years ago about why the federal government allowed some net-loss bottom trawl fisheries. He advised that we should “just shut them down” at the Management Council and that there was no federal requirement to keep such a fishery going if it destroyed more value for others in the crab and halibut fisheries than the value created by its targeted fishing. However, fish politics being what it is, this is the first real action for the Gulf of Alaska since that time. Although a 15 percent reduction doesn’t seem like much compared to Ted Stevens’ suggestion for a high bycatch fishery, after 15 years of waste it would be a start and would set the Management Council on the pathway of saving our halibut resource for real utilization by Alaskans."


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