Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Flatfish trawlers cut bottom contact by 90%!"

Can you imagine anyone with even half a brain to make such a statement? Well, the Marine Stewardship Council did, making them almost too preposterous. It is like an absurd comedy. Except it is an outrage. This is an act of intentional deception and truly deserves a lawsuit. MSA has indeed certified filthy flats as a sustainable fishery. By such action they have helped destroy the validity of that very word...sustainable is now most officially a greenwash word, a salesman's pitch, a perversion of truth. It would be laughable if it didn't mean now there is a stronger market potentially for flats and that trawlers will continue to trash the resources around Kodiak with hard on the bottom flat fish trawling. Crab stocks, halibut, corals, and the general benthic habitat will suffer. Until overwhelming pressure by commercial fishermen, charter fishermen, sportfishermen, and the general public are brought to bear upon our representatives in government to call a halt, these destructive practices will continue. Write your letters, friends, speak your mind while we still have some healthy resources left in the Gulf of Alaska to worry about.

Keep yer flippers wet.


Anonymous said...

I heard MSC is now going to certify BP

Anonymous said...

Shame on the MSC process and to all those who rubberstamped this certification along with so many other unsustainable fisheries deemed sustainable by the MSC. Turning a blind eye on bycatch issues will come back to bite us all. MSC only cares about the sustainability of its budget, depends on certifying fisheries to subsist, it's a joke that the public still doesn't get.

Anonymous said...

If this is true, that bottom contact is reduced to the bobbins alone, then the trawlers will not object to the regulations removing all chafing gear from their trawls. If they insist they still need chafing gear, then we will know that they lie about bottom contact and that all the accusations of bottom destrcution are true. As far as MSC is concerned, they are just another lying corporation like BP, who will screw the public as long we allow them to do it to us. But where are the regulators? If European seafood consumers don't wake up to the MSC snakeoil lies, then the cuckolding is complete.

flatfish said...

Facing a disastrous king salmon return, state biologists will close king salmon fishing on the Kenai River, the state's most important sportfishing stream, while imposing limits on others. Headline from ADN.
A Disgusting dose of reality from the MSC certification of the feds management of our fishery.

Read more: http://www.adn.com/2010/06/03/1306549/kenai-king-fishing-closes-on-saturday.html?mi_pluck_action=comment_submitted&qwxq=7153812#Comments_Container#ixzz0prDTITOb