Thursday, May 6, 2010

$$$ MSC to Certify Filthy Flats! $$$

News is that the Marine Stewardship Council is about to certify GOA flatfish as sustainable and green. Unbelieveable! This is an affront to common sense! Flatfish trawling in Kodiak (GOA) is dirty, dirty, dirty...the worst! Crab bottom, halibut bottom, WTF! 28% halibut death for arrowtooth delivered and this from official NMFS records as witnessed by observers! Filthy Mar Pacifico! A nearly worthless flatfish targeted to get the bycatch and in so doing destroying invaluable halibut.

In the infamous video below you can watch crew sort dead and dying halibut to keep a few flatfish. This is exactly the kind of behavior that MSC is going to certify as sustainable and green. Unbelieveable and worthy of condemnation. Sustainable indeed. How shortsighted can they get? Don't they believe their own eyes?

Obviously this is a $green$ organization. Pay them your $green$ and they will give you anything you want! If these crooks had any conscience, it was purchased long ago. Give it up are totally compromised. I see they are getting this through the door before the observer restructuring can get its legs (although I have serious doubts that we can put an end to the sophisticated gaming that will go on even if it gets restructured).

While I do not have any faith that sense and reason can trump money, let these people know that their British bullshit is just that. We need to pull down the Marine Stewardship Council as corrupt as is the Marine Conservation Alliance, where they probably get some of their money. Certainly MSC is getting their money from the same origins...trawler and processor profits off the destruction of the Gulf of Alaska and elsewhere, where dirty unsustainable fishing practices rule.

Shoot them your emails protesting the certification of GOA flatfish. Outrageous!

If you do not send them a message, you can not complain that they did not listen to you. You can be sure that the trawlers will be writing (their bosses will enforce that) as directed by the whitefish trawler association.

Keep yer bloody flippers wet.


Anonymous said...

The MSC has never met a fishery that it didn't like. And try to even object to the certification. A formal objection costs the objector $25,000

Anonymous said...

Money, money, money. Can't do nothing without money. Don't need to give it to England where Marine Stewardship Council takes its bribes, use it here in Alaska to get her done.

ROBERTSON MONAGLE & EASTBAUGH Wash. DC Lobbyists - Brad Gilman, Rick Marks, and even
Ben Stevens had an office there at one time. According to lobbying records for RME Alaska clients:

Yes, of course from 1998-2004 Alaska Groundfish Data Bank paid 'Gilman' $32,500 while Seward SeaLife center paid Gilman
(Robertson Monagle Eastbaugh) $124,500, and West Coast Seafood Processors Assn paid $49,500
and city of Unalaska paid Gilman $177,500, Aleutians East Borough paid him $226,600, and Trident paid that same firm
(for Gilman and Rick Marks etc.) $333,500. They had other AK clients too, Seward City, $149,500;
Petersburg City, $44,000; and KIB, $27,700; and City Kodiak, $22,200; Kenai Borough $199,000.

No wonder we have so much RATZ. And what has happened the past 6 years?
Why does City of Kodiak still pay him? Why doesn't Terry Haines take this on as a major project to end this crap? Was it behind why Mayor Floyd did not submit a letter to US House oversight committee?
I wonder if Aleutians East Borough still pays Gilman or cut him loose (after King Cove also got rid of Erne Weiss (sp) mayor)?

Anonymous said...

Absolute B.S...Flats are the filthiest fishery here in Kodiak, just look at the amount of PSC species by tonnage gobbled up by the sustainable trawl fleet.
Certainly this did not come from the bowels of the likes of MSC and all you educated folks.
This smells of rotting fish and the likes of Al/Julie....same names different crime.

Anonymous said...
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