Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some things never change.

The way I first heard it, twenty or more years ago, was there was a trawler crewman who was making himself extra money selling king salmon bycatch he brought home from each fishing trip. Had 'em the freezer and if you were in the loop, you could drive to TT's trailer court and buy a nice king salmon fresh frozen, or if you were lucky, not even frozen yet!

This week, rumor has it, that trawler king salmon bycatch is high and those not thrown overboard on the grounds are making their way to the unloading docks and processor floors where workers are getting a winter protein boost from fresh winter kings that they are taking home. An outraged witness has been making trouble calling around for enforcement. Don't hold yer breath waiting for action on this. Some things never change.

Keep yer flippers wet.


Anonymous said...

Please...someone film those SOBs...document this on-going crime but these hi-seas grifters...

Wiglaf said...

Reportedly there was an email memo to all Kodiak trawler owners from their offical spokesperson to warn trawler crew against any photography while fishing. This is grounds for dismissal. If I were crew so warned I might think it grounds for a tragic accident. Therefore the pictures have evaporated. In a multi-million dollar industry, such threats as photos bring real endangerment to taker and taken.