Friday, February 5, 2010

Alaska PFD to Pay for Trawler Theft?

From a memo to Denby Lloyd, Alaska Commissioner of Fish and Game:

"Last night at the Edgewater Hotel, we were told by a halibut processor who attended Steve Hare's presentation to the PAG (Processor Advisory Group) that Steve admitted to them that the (at least) 100 million pounds of missing halibut that the IPHC cannot account for these past four years was caused by 'un-reported GOA trawl bycatch.' Steve never told that to us fishermen on the Conference Board, which really stinks. I request 2 minutes tomorrow morning to put this on the record at our Observer Committee Meeting at AFSC (Alaska Fisheries Science Center). Denby, this is grotesque and it suggests that the IPHC process itself is warped towards favoritism, which we have NEVER believed before, NOT ONCE. We trust Bruce Leaman and Greg Best. But Steve makes us wonder now. Plus, why wouldn't Jim Balsinger and Ralphie Hoard come clean with us yesterday? Don't they think we can handle it?

"Can you please call Steve on the carpet tomorrow and make him explain why he failed to fully inform us fishermen and the Observer Committee of what he knew about the status of our halibut stocks. Based just on what the Canadians told us yesterday, they'll insist on being compensated for this and we long-liners don't have deep pockets to pay them off. I'll bet you they start ogling the trawlers' ITQs or that $34 billion in the Alaska Permanent Fund (to get the Council's attention) just to bring this issue to a boil when they address the NPFMC in Portland next month. Trust me, they are really pissed off now and it seems unlikely they'll take it anymore (remember Peter Finch's 1976 performance in Network? "We are made as hell and we are not going to take it anymore." Double it!)

"Don't mean to ruin your day."

An Alaska Fisherman (name withheld)

Keep yer flippers wet.


Anonymous said...

Steven Hare? Isn’t he one of the regime-shifters that built the bandwagon all the NMFS and ADFG managers jumped on after red king crab went down the tubes? It’s refreshing to know that trawl bycatch might be a more credible mechanism than changes in the weather when it comes to explaining the missing GOA halibut, as well as the sudden, catastrophic disappearance of 50-100 million healthy adult Bristol Bay red king crab during the 1980s.

Such candor was not in evidence back then. Here’s some 1986 rationale from an old regime-shifter who was NMFS’ crab guru for way too many years: “Declines in abundance of Bristol Bay red king crab were apparently caused by a drastic increase in natural mortality. Increased rates of natural mortality were undoubtedly the major cause of recruitment failure ..... directed or undirected fishing has not been a major cause of population decline in Bristol Bay red king crab ..... Management measures failed to prevent recent declines in landings because causes of declines in abundance are not related to fishing, and hence largely beyond control”.

In other words, the crab died natural deaths and the draggers get a free ride.


Whoever is responsible and liable for the draggers proven destruction of the Priblof Blue King Crab, and "hypothetical" proven destuction of the millions/billions of dollars worth of St. Mathew Blue King Crab, should be tried in a court of Law before the Statute of Limitations expires. Our Founding Fathers would likely have charged them with crimes against the PEOPLE and have them hanged by the neck until dead. Or challenge them to an immediate duel of pistols to the death. Leaving GOD to decide who has earned the right to exist. They would not tolerate the treason committed upon their fellow mans LEGAL RIGHTS. The complicity to conspire to ROB AMERICAN CITIZENS COMMON PROPERTY and COMMON PROPERTY RIGHTS. The fancy lawyer language the carpetbaggers use hides their REAL INTENT,... and CONSPIRACY TO DECIEVE. The language sounds/reads like a call to save the Fish/Crab/Ocean, and save those dangerous Crabbers from their Chosen Career Path Harvesting OUR COMMON PROPERTY which FEEDS and EMPLOYS AMERICANS, and stuffs CASH INTO OUR TAX BASE to pave Roads and build SCHOOLS. They argue that the Japanese and Norweigen corporations have a "historical" right to HALF OUR FISH/CRAB!!... and about a 30% share of YOUR AMERICAN FISH RIGHTS for themselves,.. themselves being voting members who allocate FISH RIGHTS and have taken THE SWORN OATH OF OFFICE to FOLLOW MAGNUSUN'S LAWS and YOUR BILL OF RIGHTS which GOVERNS YOUR COMMON PROPERTY RIGHTS. I HEREBY CHARGE them with VIOLATION OF THEIR SWORN OATH OF OFFICE by the CRIMES OF; 1.CONFLICT OF INTREST with thier voting to self-SERVE and thereby ENRICH themselves. 2.CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT FRAUD to Hide the ABOVE ACTION. 3.CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT THEFT by FRAUD by NPFMC advisory panel committee members whom COMMITED PERJURY TO THE SECETARY OF COMMERCE 4.CONSPIRACY TO HIDE FRAUD by SUPRESSION OF EVIDENCE regarding Statement 3. When EVIDENCE of said FRAUD BY PERJURY WAS PRESENTED TO SAME SAID CONSPIRING NPFMC members by PUBLIC TESTOMONY, only to be SUPPRESSED by said NPFMC members. ALL enriched members in VIOLATION of their SWORN OATH OF OFFICE. UUHHGHH!! I CAN go on and on and ... and probably WILL!! Canadians will sue the State of Alaska. AK is bound by the Salmon Treaty Laws which set Precedent in a court of Law and WE THE PEOPLE ARE LIABLE for DAMAGES. And I didn't hear about Habitat Change as the draggers destroyed the PEOPLES Gulf Shrimp or Gulf King Crab into oblivion. Those Billions of Dollars and THOUSANDS OF AMERICAN JOBS could have come in handy right about now. Have a NICE DAY/night! -PEACE- L8R