Friday, January 15, 2010

SEACOPS Joins the Fight for Cleaner Fishing

Welcome SeaCops to the fight to stop the wasteful destruction of our fisheries resources by the dirtiest fishing gear ever invented, trawling.

"Wiglaf - thanks for your work, we need your help! WE NEED VIDEO AND PICTURES. We're experiencing a severe decline of Halibut in SE Alaska and the charter sector is getting a lot of the blame for this. Go figure-punish the smallest user group with the least representation who get the most value per pound of fish caught.
"We are on a mission to educate the public about how ALL halibut drift west as larva and grow up in the nurseries of the Western Gulf only to be slaughtered by draggers as juvenile fish before they can complete their migration and be recruited into the fisheries = 2,000,000 individual fish! That's more halibut than the longliners and sport fishermen will get to catch this year combined.
"I work closely with SEACOPS ( who had a lot to do with getting rid of the draggers in SE Alaska in the '80s. We've got SEACOPS active again and are working on a presentation to educate SE communities about why our halibut numbers are down so low.
"Can we get a copy of your filthy halibut video for the presentation, and do you have pictures?"

Absolutely. On its way.
Keep yer flippers wet.


Anonymous said...

The charter sector in Southeast Alaska has been going over their quota for a few years now and are well represented.

Wiglaf said...

While it is true that the charter fleet is growing synergistically, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" applies and I will work with them tirelessly to stop the trawlers from killing the GOA. When that is done we can grapple if need be. This is the way the trawlers have played with the processors. Now that processor quota of rockfish has reared its ugly head...things are not perhaps so cosy.


The battle for the RIGHTS to Pacific Ocean Perch (POP's) is ON! Large/Increasing Biomass ripe for DEstruction!!...