Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Dope on Marine Stewardship Council Certification

You pay 'em and they certify. Wow. That's what they mean by 'green.'

If you want to object to certification, you have to pay them...up to $30K. WTF.

Keep yer flippers wet.


Anonymous said...

Dragging Crab and Halibut spawning/rearing grounds for Pollack can be sustainable,..for Pollack, but only SHORT-TERM sustainability. As PROVEN by dragging the entire North Atlantic for Cod. Leaving grounds suitable only for Sole, Flounder, and very few other speices. LONG-TERM Manipulation of the BOTTOM HABITAT... ZERO DOUBT about this, as PROVEN by Greenpeace video. Jim Humphreys at MSC seemed eager for info. and input from known PROVEN CLEAN Fishers, such as Jiggers, Hooks, and Pots. I think they know the #'s they get from the corporate propaganda machine are biased towards profits. Jims access #'s are; Jim Humphreys 2110 N. Pacific Street Suite 102 Seattle WA 98103 - tel. # 206-691-0188 fax # 206-691-0191 - mobile # 206-910-0532 E-mail I think they are GOOD people, with Good intent, but NEED to hear from REAL CLEAN Harvesters. They don't get much info. from the small guys. But they get heaps from the lawbeasts for the corporate killing machines. Also too, I remember hearing they have been short on capital without the Salmon cert. money. Probably the dragger/proccessor alliance trying to break or shape them. MSC will definantly go under if the Small, PROVEN CLEAN Fishers turn on them.And ALL of Europe DEMANDS the MSC LABEL BEFORE PURCHASE. Give them a shout, they will be glad to hear from you. SEACOPS, AMCC, will you please call on the peoples behalf, Please? Have a Nice day!! - another angry CRABBER -

Anonymous said...

The MSC is a FARCE!


Thank You above poster, this is the same angry Crabber as farther above. Perhaps I spoke too quickly, 30 THOUSAND to enter an Honest, Freedom of Speech, intervention of FACT (Objection) does have the appearance of greed over ETHICS. When I met them I thought they were sincere, but now their CREDIBILITY HAS been Compromised. Hopefully WE can draw more PUBLIC SCRUTINY upon Them to HOLD Them ACCOUNTABLE to TRUTH and REALITY! I Appreciate Your SURE Sounding reply. Can You tell us more on these guys Wiglaf?