Friday, October 14, 2016

NOAA Office of Law Enforcement Pre-warns Trawler Violators CYA

We have always suspected a certain collusion between processors/trawlers and the NOAA Office of Law Enforcement.  We know if we step over the line there is no hesitation in issuing us a Notice of Violation and Assessment (NOVA). Well here is a memo warning trawlers and processors to cover your ass (CYA) about misreporting your catches.  Since when does law enforcement warn violators before taking appropriate action?  Does it depend on who you are?

Hide your violations?  No wonder they don't want EM on the trawlers.  Something like 75% of current GOA trawling is NOT observed.  So if no one sees your violation...but OLE issue a NOVA!  Maddening.

Keep yer flippers wet.

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Anonymous said...

There were instances of "no overlap" between the VMS data and reported area of catch???

If vessel operators are willing, and confident enough, to lie even when they know hard data will contradict them might they lie about unobserved bycatch rates where no such hard contradicting data exists???

And NMFS has confidence in data generated from the minimal observer coverage.