Friday, October 5, 2012

Blame the Crew (But the Owner/Operator Are Responsible)

Received as a comment...

Good job, blame the crew.

Talked to a trawl crew a month ago who had just quit a local drag boat. First tow of the trip (unobserved) had 20,000 of halibut. When they set back to tow the same grounds he asked the captain why they didn't move.

Was told "won't be that much halibut on the next tow in the same spot and less the tow after that."

Yes, blame the crew for the new observer program too. No more coverage for the trawlers but lots for the little boats. That's the ticket.

The same old story.  It's the end of fishing as we've known it if these unobserved draggers are allowed to continue to destroy the Gulf.

Keep yer heads down and yer flippers wet.

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