Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rollback PSC BY 6% For The Next Ten Years

This is the incremental approach and will give draggers all the time they need to get their house in order.  Most all the valuable species that bottom draggers (NPT-non-pelagic trawlers) catch can be caught by other more selective gear types.  Convert or go out of business.  We cannot afford to lose the ocean's productivity because draggers won't change. Just because they have been doing it wrong for a long time doesn't mean they should be allowed to continue.  Biomass fisheries are unsupportable.



Anonymous said...

The only question is; Why are the processors buying fish from high bycatch boats???

They could stop this today. More fish, jobs, state and local tax revenue for all.

Wiglaf said...

As a corporation, they have only one ethic, to make money for their shareholders. Sustainability or any other ethical standard cannot, by law, be part of their consideration. By definition, corporations, are antithetical to the survival of our world, much less the Gulf of Alaska. Cheap fish is what they want. Corporation can also be spelled d o o m.

Anonymous said...

Even if they don't do it by the GOOD BOOK they still think it is still a good practice to waste as much as they can of other species of marine life because of the GREED of MONEY. They have no other reasoning what so ever to cut down their catch until it may be too late.