Tuesday, September 20, 2011

110 Million Pounds of Halibut Wasted! Letters in Today to NPFMC Regarding Halibut PSC

For your comments to get into the NPFMC packets, fax them to the Council by 5 PM today.  Address them to the Chairman, Eric A. Olson.  Maximum consideration is for a 15% rollback.  Considering the stress the halibut stock is showing and the fact that draggers have been killing up to 2000 metric tons of halibut every year since 1986(that's 110 million pounds of halibut wasted), isn't it about time?  Most of us suspect there has been a lot more halibut taken than that, since official observations are hard to believe and we know subject to manipulation and games.  The Council has little will for this and the opposition fierce, but the Alaska delegation may be able to make progress.  Twenty-five years of halibut PSC waste is enough, don't you think?  Do you think?

Here is the initial draft review: http://www.fakr.noaa.gov/npfmc/PDFdocuments/halibut/HalibutPSCLimit911.pdf.
Here is the NPFMC's Fax: 907 271 2817

Put up or shut up.

Keep yer flippers wet.


Anonymous said...

word, wonder if anyone has any pictures

Wiglaf said...

They might but they are sore afraid.

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