Friday, June 10, 2011

Does NOAA/NMFS Care About King Salmon Bycatch?

News Update:

"Chinook bycatch: The industry is making a concerted pitch to increase the cap to 30,000. The AP selected a 30,000 cap over the preferred alternative but a strong minority report will help neutralize the AP’s effect.

"Eric Olson is not here because of a family emergency so Alaska is missing a key vote. The swing vote is NOAA's Jim Balsiger."

Or Dan Hull, who is unconvinced that 22,500 give the draggers enough kings as bycatch in the GOA.

Keep yer flippers wet.


Anonymous said...

You bet they care.

"There's good money to be made prolonging the problem"

Anonymous said...

Once again I'll repeat the Canadians' bycatch reduction program which works.

Individual boat weekly bycatch caps which, if exceeded, shut that boat down for the season. IFQ's for directed catches, 100% observer coverage and wide open season timing.

As a result they reduced bycatch to less than a third of the previous years bycatch and caught all their trawl TAC's.

(Note to Dan Hull, they wouldn't NEED, 10,000 Kings if they didn't have a system that REWARDS those with the worst bycatch)

It's just a question of who pays. Do the trawlers pay for their potentially destructive fishery through this regime? Or do the rest of us pay through destroyed fisheries, communities and tax bases.

Do you really want a bunch of scumbag lobbyists making this decision?

Anonymous said...

Ya, give them all the fish. That's what they've been waiting for.

Anonymous said...

Hell no, NOAA/NMFS/NPFMC reward PSC by giving it out to the trawl fleet while the king salmon runs in Alaska go down the sh*t pipe. Jim Balsiger and Eric Olsen are to blame as they lead NPFMC and have aloud an industry that is destroying halibut and king salmon to keep reeking havoc on the bottom of the ocean by bottom trawling be it pollock, cod, flat fish, or whatever they can sell for pennies while destroying the bottom habitat in the mean time. They only care that they are getting a Federal pension or who's paying for their net trip to Seattle, Boston Fish show, DC or where ever the next junket to meet in secret is. I'm so tired of these thugs that I hope God rains down on their parade with something catastrophic even like a meteor shower and it knocks both their blocks off.

I agree with the one guy Individual Bycatch Quotas on each vessel will fix the problems, if you hit you bycatch cap you're vessel is done fishing for the year. It's working in Iceland and Canada, so why not the good ole USA. Oh that's right, in America you can pay a lobbyist that gets the bureaucrats to convince the Congressmen to slip something in as end run legislation like the Bering Sea cod longline fleet privatization or the Bering Sea crab rationalization. But we can't get them to do the right thing to protect the fish resources that are being by bottom and pelgic trawlers that kill everything that comes into their path. Federal fish policy stinks of corruption!