Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Alaska Governor Parnell Promises to Reduce Bycatch

JUNEAU, Alaska - Jan. 20 - Following is the prepared text of Gov. Sean Parnell’s (R) 2010 state of the state address:

"Now to fishing. Alaskans are proud of our fishing traditions and heritage. Control of our seafood resources was one of the original drivers behind Alaska’s push for statehood. Today, we budget for better scientific data and work to reduce bycatch to ensure continued abundance for all Alaskans. "

Now is the time to call Govenor Parnell and tell him you are counting on him to be true to his promises. Chinook, halibut, crab. Seriously. Here is his number: 907 465 3500. Just do it.

It will make a difference.

Keep yer flippers wet.

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