Tuesday, April 6, 2010

ADF&G Excuses Trawler Bycatch of King Salmon

Listen to ADF&G's Suzanne Schmidt excuse Kodiak trawler bycatch for the decline of Kodiak king salmon. It's okay, Schmidt, we are used to ADF&G representatives excusing trawler excesses.
While Kodiak trawlers might not be the only reason for king salmon decline, they are certainly contributing to the low return numbers required for escapement. So far the trawlers have taken three times the escapement goal for the Karluk or twice the Ayakulik. A limit on the amount of king salmon that trawlers can waste needs to be implimented. Remember the numbers of king salmon shown as bycatch are projections based upon very limited observation. The actual numbers of king salmon and other PSC species is likely far higher. Rumors on the waterfront are that some very high catches of king salmon have been taken on the west side and these were unobserved. We need 100% observer coverage for the GOA. King salmon caught around Kodiak Island are from all over the Pacific, so trawler bycatch around Kodiak affects the entire region. But when they are trawling right out in front of the king depleted Karluk, the conclusions seem obvious. If a man comes into the police station covered in blood and reports there has been a murder, wouldn't he be suspect, you think?

Keep yer flippers wet.


Anonymous said...

Just in from the council...Julie B. and company on the official record says as much as 15 % of chinook trawl bycatch in the GOA are discarded at sea(unaccounted in bycatch extrapulation). Once again the real picture is dumb downed by trawl to suggest they have much less impact. I would suggest that 15% is not the true number either. Duncan Fields in direct questioning of Krueger(Alaska Whitefish Trawlers Assoc.) would 12,000 fish hard cap on chinook make trawlers modify their fish behavior. Answer yes but will be difficult. To f%#king bad. Git er done!!!!!!

Wiglaf said...

Grudgingly I will admit that after that NPFMC meeting, perhaps the process is not completely broken. Commissioner Lloyd and Duncan Fields were repeatedly strong, diplomatic, and obviously on the side of what is best for Alaska and the health of our Gulf. We can't thank them enough. She ain't done but headed in a right direction on the tanner crab and chinook bycatch problems. 12,000 chinook hard cap is a good start. That's only four times the needed Karluk escapement.

Anonymous said...

Denby Lloyd and Alaska council members push through Tanner Crab closures around Kodiak Is. to help protect rebuilding crab stocks. Duncan is pushing hard to expand the potential Marmot closure to more fully represent areas of high density of tanner crab. The motion passed 8-2 and October 2010 is still the hit date for final action. You could smell the fear of the trawl industry in the room.

Anonymous said...

How come none of you trawl haters have commented on the recent catch share plan adopted by EVERY single trawler in Kodiak?? And in case your too busy bitching and moaning they ALL have 100 percent observer coverage!!!